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The Financial Impact of a Dirty Office

Any company, regardless of the size, does not want to spend money on things they believe, can be done “in-house”. The reality is that office cleaning is often the first expense companies eliminate when cutting expenses.

There is no doubt that it will save money on the short term, however; consider careful the long term impact this will have on your company and employees.

Germs are in the Air

The longer you go without cleaning, the more germs that will be floating in the air. Most companies in NY work in tight spaces, which mean, more people closely exchanging germs, higher employee call outs. Call-outs mean production goes down for a period of time, or tasks are completed by someone not typically familiarized with what it entails.

Mistakes done by staff that are not familiar with certain tasks reflects poorly on the company and may affect your business’ reputation. This will obviously cost you money and cause a decrease in profits.

Dirty office, Dirty Attitudes

No one likes to work in a dirty environment. This often times, leads to low staff morale. If employees see that their environment is not being well kept, concerns on the company’s actual potential to grow will start coming up. Dirty environments will lead to staff members feeling undervalued and result in low productivity. The staff will only do just enough and never beyond what’s asked of them .

More Dirt, More Mistakes

Why would you expect a staff member to take care of your company, when they see that their actual work space not being kept up with? Employees will loose pride in their work, to the point that they will not care about the quality of their work. Employees view the value of their workplace as how managers value them. A dirty office, will lead to lower standards, more mistakes, and definitely a bad impression on your company.

Don’t Let it Happen to You

Saving money always sounds like a great idea, but consider the negative impact it has on your company, client and employees. Your employees are your organization. No product or service succeeds with out the best people behind it. Ensure your employees are provided with a clean work environment. A clean healthy work space, its not only a financial benefit, but it will also keep everyone happy and productive!

If you’re located in the Westchester County area or any of its bordering neighborhoods, contact Westchester Cleaning Services today. We will provide you with a competitive quotation to clean your office, so that you can focus on growing your business!

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