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Tips on Window Cleaning

Have you ever noticed how many mirrors and glass things you have in your house? Sometimes we don’t realize the amount of glassware that is in our home or office, and we, most of the time, don’t know how to properly clean them. In this post, learn how to clean mirrors, windows, glasses and vases like a professional.

  1. Never use soap to clean glasses. Soap foam is glass’ number one enemy; it makes the glass look like tarnished and streaked.

  2. Your best way to keep your glassware and windows clean is by using a solution of vinegar (vinegar diluted in warm water) and a sponge.

  3. Don’t use towels or paper napkins… these may scratch the glass. If you have very high and wide windows, it is good to use an squeegee.

  4. If you have a glass with wax, you can use boiling water. Add some water on the affected part, leave for a few minutes and see how the wax starts melting. Then, just pass a cloth to remove remains.

  5. To remove grease from your glasses and dishes, use lemon mixed with some baking soda and a bit of the detergent you use to wash your dishes.

  6. If your glass has paint splash, use a cotton ball with alcohol, pass it by the stain and carefully used the tip of a knife scrape the paint. Do it slowly and carefully to avoid scratching the glass.

  7. To clean the glass of your tables, just use denatured alcohol and a soft cloth to avoid scratching.

  8. To clean jars and vases use isopropyl alcohol. If you have jars in which you cannot put your hands in to wash them, just fill them with alcohol, shake it a few times and leave for some minutes ... in a few the stains will be gone

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